4 Lessons We Should Learn While Choosing A Webinar Date And Time

choosing webinar date and time

Interestingly enough, not all webinars run smoothly without any itches. It seems that no matter how much you think you are prepared, there are always small glitches that will sometimes turn into a charade of mishaps causing all your hard work and planning to go down the drain. Most of the time it’s because there is lack of proper research before planning a webinar. Choosing a proper date and time to host your webinar is a big plus. Here are some lessons you should learn while choosing a webinar date and time.

  1. Time Zones

You must be aware that not all your attendees will live in the same location unless you have a specific target audience that you are focusing on. Nonetheless, you should acknowledge that your attendees might live in different locations and of course have different time zones respectively. Therefore, effective research and calculation is needed in efforts to facilitate your attendees and their respective time zones.

  1. Webinar Date

It is important that you select the right date for your webinar. Studies have shown that the best days to hold webinars are on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 10 AM PT/1 PM ET. This will give your attendees from the west and east coast and hour after the start of business or an hour after lunch. Additionally, you can also send out a survey, asking your attendees to select the best time convenient for them to attend your webinar. After which, you can then choose a suitable time and date for your webinar with the results you have gathered from your survey.

  1. Your Target AudienceTechnology

The audience you would like to attract to attend your webinar will depend on the products and services that you would like to promote. If you are promoting products such as baby food or accessories, your focus or target audience should be mothers with young children. If you are promoting products and services such as the latest technology or financial advising,
then your target audience should be business owners and entrepreneurs. The surveys you send out can also help you with choosing your target audience and setting the right time and date to accommodate then.

  1. National Holidays

You must take into consideration also, that different countries observe different holidays at different times of the year. After you have sent out your surveys and you have gotten a better understanding of who might be interested in attending your webinar, then you can now research the different holidays that would affect the people who you would like to attend your webinar. We all know it would not be logical to host a webinar on the 25 December or 1 January.

Obviously, there are many factors to consider while planning your webinar. But these are just some of the major factors that really require careful planning and research in order to get the most out of your webinar and of course boost growth for your business.


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