Live vs. Automated Webinar: Choose the Best For Your Business

Webinars are a great way to enhance any business, whether local or international. They are essential in helping to optimize the earning potential of an enterprise thereby allowing for massive advertisements and sales. You can tap into the benefits of using webinars in two ways. You can have a live webinar session, which enables a more personal experience. This type of webinar session is highly interactive. You’re able to interact with your attendees on a real-time basis and this helps to build trust between you and your clients or potential buyers all in the comfort of your own home or office. The feature of a live webinar offers itself by allowing you to answer questions right on the spot about any concerns your attendees may be having about products and services that you may offer. You can do a screen share or do a PowerPoint presentation and the audience can interact via chat or simply speak over the airways. I would recommend this method for anyone who wants to stay closely connected with his or her attendees and maybe someone who wants to do a quick real-life tutorial on how to use a particular product and of course, has the time to do so.

If you are the type of person that’s always on the go and is pressed for time, an automated or pre-recorded webinar session may be the way to go. This type of webinar allows you to record a session and have your clients view the webinar at their convenience. This method is great, especially for those clients who have a yearly webinar pricing plan with your company. They can view the webinars any time they need to and can even send you questions that you can answer later. Interestingly, this allows you to focus on more pressing matters while enabling your clients to view the webinar at their leisure and to get a better understanding of how to utilize a product or service that you offer. Sounds great, right? So in essence, the best webinar WordPress plugin is the one that works out best for you and your business as a whole. Overall, webinars are just a great way of getting in touch, staying in touch, and helping to build solid relationships with your clients and potential clients alike. Kickstart your first webinar today!

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With years of experience in the field, Jay loves to share insights and expertise on product development, customer research, and user experience. Outside of work, you can find Jay curled up with a good book, exploring new ideas in philosophy, or discussing the latest products with friends and colleagues.

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