13 Effective Post Webinar Survey Questions

webinar survey questions

Perhaps you’re excited about the attendance of your last webinar, and you believe that it was well received by everyone. Luckily, today’s technological climate allows you to receive direct feedback on the webinar through polls and surveys. The easiest way to find out more information about the webinar is by asking your audience post-webinar survey questions. You gain insight from the attendees and figure out the area to improve for your next webinar.

Listening to feedback from your attendees also strengthens your relationships. Your audience becomes empowered because they realize that they’re supporting someone who listens and will address their concerns. You can help make your audience feel special. 

Important Webinar Feedback Survey Questions 

One of the difficult parts of compiling a webinar feedback survey is figuring out the right questions to ask. Here’s a look at the best post-webinar survey questions to ask.

Was This Your First Time Attending a Webinar?

It’s a good idea to prioritize those who were exposed to your products and services for the first time. This is a great way to generate new leads. You can gain feedback from first-time attendees to develop a new marketing campaign.

What Was The Key Point You Learned?

Asking this question helps make sure that you’re getting the main points across accurately during the webinar. Positive answers are also a sign that your teaching methods are good. Negative feedback is a sign that you may need to adjust your content or modify your teaching style for future webinars.

How Did You Find Out About The Webinar?

This is a good question to ask attendees if you want to learn more information about your marketing channels. This gives you a chance to improve marketing strategies if there is negative feedback. Maybe you need to utilize social media more often to promote your upcoming webinars.

What Did You Think of The Pace?

This is one of the most important webinar feedback survey questions. While the objective is to make smooth transitions between posts, sometimes things get off track. Gaining feedback on the length of your webinar can help you adjust your delivery to ensure that the audience stays engaged at all times. 

Maybe sometimes you’re going too fast between points to ensure that the webinar stays on task. Other times, maybe it would benefit you to slow down and spend more time talking about key points.

Did You Learn Anything New?

This is one of the best webinar survey questions to ask if you have an experienced audience who is familiar with your content. It’s important to avoid getting stale. If you’re repeating the same content over and over, your audience may start to tune out, and your engagement rates will decline. Maybe it’s time to adjust your delivery or add a new aspect to your webinars.

Do You Like The Design?

Another important question is gaining feedback about the webinar design. Maybe some of the attendees had trouble using the platform or viewing the content. Most companies use PowerPoint presentations for their webinar. If you receive negative feedback about the design, perhaps it’s time to change the template.

What Did You Think of The Speaker’s Presentation Skills?

Public speaking is more difficult than some people imagine. It takes time to develop your voice. There may be some growing pains while you’re developing your voice. If you receive some negative feedback, try to adjust your tone and pitch.

What Are Some Future Topics You Would Like To See Covered?

You’ll gain important feedback from your audience here that you can use to shape future webinars. Maybe some of your audience pitches topics that you previously thought of. It’s also a good way for you to identify your target audience. You’ll gain more success if you meet their direct needs.

Was The Webinar Description Accurate?

This question helps you receive feedback on your ability to stay on task. Avoid marketing your webinar around a few points and then focusing on something completely different.

Imagine you had a lot of first-time attendees at your most recent webinar. They’re unlikely to return for the next one if you plan to focus on one thing and then go completely off-topic. They may even accuse you of false advertisements.

How Do You Rate the Presenter’s Knowledge?

This is one of the more important but often overlooked post-webinar survey questions. Perhaps you brought in a guest speaker for your last webinar. Your guest speaker is responsible for engaging the attendees and helping highlight your message.

 If your guest speaker has extended knowledge on the topic, they’ll inform and entertain your audience. They can also help you generate new leads potentially. However, bringing in a guest speaker who has limited knowledge of the topic could harm your business. Some of the attendees may seek valuable experiences elsewhere. It’s very important that your guest speaker maintain the same passion that you have for the topic.

Did The Webinar Meet Your Expectations?

You can ask your audience to leave a direct yes or no answer. If they answer no, consider asking them to leave a few suggestions for ways that you can improve things. If they leave minor suggestions, they’ll still support your business. However, they may not attend the next webinar if they leave major complaints.

What Do You Think Were The Least and Most Impactful Parts of the Webinar?

This is an important question to help you gain meaningful insight into your webinar. Your attendees should take away a few important points from the webinar if the message were delivered properly. Perhaps you can use some of the information to develop your next marketing campaign. This question also gives you a chance to address specific weaknesses. Maybe you can cut some topics from your next webinar if they aren’t helping engage your audience.

This question also outlines the importance of following up with your audience as soon as possible. Most companies send out a webinar feedback survey around 3 hours after the webinar ends. You gain more insight from your audience in the first few hours post-webinar because the content is fresh in their minds.

Are You Likely to Recommend This Session to Someone Else?

One of the primary goals of webinars is to generate leads. Creating appealing content that adds value to your audience increases the likelihood that they will support your business. A great way to offer support is through networking. 

Perhaps some of your audience spreads the word to others who could gain value through attending your webinars. A larger webinar audience increases your revenue growth. Consider sending referral links in the survey to help grow your reach.

Post Webinar Suggestions

  • While asking your audience to write detailed feedback seems like a good idea, you have to respect their time. Things work fast in today’s workplace, and most people are often busy with their next task. Include multiple-choice questions (MCQs)  in the survey to avoid taking up a lot of time.
  • Your audience may become bored and disengage quickly if they’re asked to spend a lot of time filling out a survey. Try to keep things simple and focus on the key points. 
  • Consider receiving feedback from your staff and other people who worked hard to help launch the webinar. Consider sending a thank you for attending the webinar email as well. You’ll have the opportunity to thank everyone and give them more information on how to move forward if they are interested in using your service. 

WordPress plugins like WebinarPress allow you to conduct polls and surveys easily from your WordPress site itself. Below you can see how WebinarPress has different fields that make your work easy when you want to gather vital information using polls and surveys. 


Engaging Your Audience once the webinar ends should be a priority to capitalize on your hard work. These questions should help you learn more information about your strengths and weaknesses.

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