Best Practices To Write a Thank You For Attending Webinar Email

webinar host sending thank you for attending webinar email

Most Companies use webinars to highlight important features of their product and generate leads. Some use it for educating their potential customers. Hosting a successful webinar is especially important if you are involved in a competitive industry. However, many businesses are unable to reach the next level of success just because of poor follow-up.

Sending a post-webinar thank you email is a crucial step if you want to have successful webinar sessions. It gives you a chance to show gratitude and also informs your webinar attendees about your future plans. Perhaps the email is the final step of engagement that could finalize the sale. There are multiple benefits to sending a thank you for attending a webinar email.

Thank You Email Significance After Webinar 

Sending a thank-you email after your webinar is a quick way to show gratitude to everyone who participated. It is considered the right thing to do personally and professionally. You can help each person who attended your webinar feel special and express how much you cared for their individual contributions. A nice touch would be including some thoughtful individual messages in each email instead of general statements.

The email should reference the key points and highlights of the webinar. You can also include some follow-up links in the email to move things forward. Other lead generation strategies to consider adding to your thank email include a post-webinar survey attachment and information about the next webinar and other upcoming events.

Why Sending a Thank You for Attending Email is So Important

Sending a thank-you email shouldn’t be considered a mandatory action to simply check off a list. Sending these emails should be a selfless gesture. Taking time out to thank people can have a positive impact on your company’s reputation. If people have good experiences with your business, they would be more likely to support you if you want your customers to be personally invested in the future of your business.

However, there is also a business aspect to consider in regard to sending a thank-you email once the webinar has ended. Most companies believe that webinars are one of the most expensive ways to generate leads. Failing to follow up with everyone who attended simply isn’t smart business based on everything that you’ve put into launching the webinar. There are so many components involved in launching a webinar. Some companies believe that failing to send a post-webinar email is a waste of financial resources.

Webinar Email Templates

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Thank-you emails can help increase your company’s ROI because sending emails is considered affordable marketing. Perhaps you plan to add a call to action in your email. This will help you improve your conversion rates and earn more revenue every time you host a webinar. It may only take a few dollars to create emails that generate hundreds.

Staying Engaged

Sending a post-webinar thank-you email helps attendees stay engaged. You want to avoid a situation where attendees are excited, and then a few days pass, and the excitement starts to fade. Consider restating webinar content by posing it on demand. This allows attendees to get caught up on the information while looking forward to the next webinar.

You want to make sure that the webinar includes relevant content so that your company will always be on your attendees’ minds. This helps build anticipation for your next webinar. You’ll have high attendance and potentially generate more leads. The key is to make sure that your webinar contains personal messages. Composing personal messages shows people that you care about them. This provides an incentive for them to keep supporting your company. Perhaps they will start networking and sharing their experience with other people in their inner circles. This could help you draw a larger audience for your next webinar and generate more leads.

Establish Trust

Sending thank-you emails after webinars allow you to continue interacting with your core audience. You can impact someone’s life without making a serious financial commitment. Educate your audience by sending links to different resources and on-demand content in the email. This will help you establish a long-term relationship with your audience. Once you have established trust with your target market, you can move forward with the belief that upcoming webinars will be even better.

Close a Sale

Perhaps your last webinar was directly related to promoting your new business venture. Sending a post-webinar email enhances your company’s value and gives you another opportunity to make a sales pitch. Maybe you are attaching an e-book, product breakdown, or another webinar to help close a sale. You’ll have to highlight the product’s value and how it will improve lives.

Using Thank You for Attending Our Webinar Email Template

The most important step in a follow-up email is to get started as soon as possible. Remember that the information discussed in the webinar may be fresh in your attendees’ minds for around 24 hours after the webinar ends. You have a short time frame to stay relevant. 

You’ll need an engaging subject title that encourages someone to open the email and keep reading. Focus on thanking your attendees during your introduction. A strong opening will immediately grab your attendees’ attention if you are offering a passionate thank-you. 

Relay any content-based messages in the body. This is the area where you can inform attendees about the next steps where to learn more information about the product or service. 

The body of the email leads into the call to action. This is the area where you should use a more direct approach. Perhaps you’ll share a link where attendees can leave their contact information. Maybe you will share a link for them to buy or download the product and services being offered. Some companies opt to link a copy of the webinar recording at the end of the email.

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What Are Some Mistakes to Avoid in My Thank You for Attending Email?

Avoid sending lengthy emails. Try to keep things simple and post a thank you, write a couple of paragraphs about the core subject, and add your CTA. Most follow-up emails are around 200 words. Anything over 250 words is probably too long. Another way to simplify things is through market segmentation. Try to identify your top customers/participants and send them a special greeting. Providing personalized experiences helps you generate more leads.

What Tone Should I Use in My Thank You for Attending Email?

Gratitude is most important. Make sure that your attendees understand how much you appreciate them taking the time to watch your webinar. You can also reinforce the content but avoid sounding too promotional. Make sure that the email contains something of value. Maybe that’s allowing them to try a free copy of your product or service or offering them a special discount.

Also, don’t be afraid to ask for feedback. One of your primary goals is to make sure that your company continues to grow after every webinar. It’s recommended that you encourage all attendees to provide feedback on the webinar in the follow-up email. Maybe you can post a link to a survey. Take any criticism as constructive, so it can help you improve future webinars.

Sending a thank-you email post after your webinar will help you generate more leads and strengthen your reputation.

Webinar Email Templates

Download our gratitude templates and strengthen connections with webinar participants.

Download Webinar Email Templates

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