3 Things You Must Do After Every Webinar

3 things you must do after each webinar square

Congratulations on completing your live webinar conference! You’ve gone through the preparation process and your webinar was indeed a success, but now that it’s over, what do you actually do next? Well, that’s a  good question. Many people host webinars but are quite unsure of what should happen after the webinar is over. Here are three things you must do after every webinar.

  1. Post a link to the recording of your webinar

Although you have sent out inventions for people to attend your webinar, and all have registered to attend, not all your registrants will be able to attend. Posting a link to your webinar will allow your registrants to view it later or at their own convenience. If your content was good, attendees may even want to share your link on their social channels helping you to broadcast your business near and far while boosting sales.


  1. Make a Transcript of your webinar

It will be well worth it to get a transcript typed up of your webinar session. Posting the transcript along with the webinar makes it easier to find because it’s searchable content. You can even take sections of your transcript and turn it into a blog post with minimal editing needed. Remember to post a link in your blog to the webinar recording, this will aid in driving potential clients and clients alike to purchase a product or service you offer, earning you big bucks in the end.

  1. Send a follow up email

You can send follow up emails to your registrants, splitting the email into different segments such as attendees, no shows and early leavers, sending a link of the recording to all registrants. After reviewing your attendees report, you can determine how many attendees warrants follow up first. You can send information that is more detailed to the people who asked for it or to those whose behaviors have implicated that they are interested. It would be good to review the questions asked or answers provided from each attendee to customize your message before sending it out. This will enable you to see what topics are of more interest to your attendees and will help you to get a better understanding of what your clients or potential clients are looking for.

Over all, these things will help you to build a good relationship with your clients and potential clients alike. The next time you send out an invitation to your next webinar, don’t be surprised if people are lining up to attend. You may even get more than the expected amount of attendees, which will be great for your business.


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