Webinar Strategies That No One Talks About


Webinars are the “in thing” around the web right now. Businesses around the world are channeling the selling power of this unique yet simple tool. Webinars have become so popular and convenient, it seems almost natural that most companies hosts various amount of webinars each month in order to sell their products, services, communicate with clients, and have conference meetings; especially if their employees and co-workers are located in different parts of the world. There are different strategies involved in preparing and hosting a webinar, but not all are used to their full potential. Here are a few strategies that no one talk about that can enhance your webinar conferences as well as create value for your clients while boosting your revenue.

Influence By Disguise 

People are attracted to confidence and flamboyance. No one wants to be around anyone that has no idea about what’s going on or isn’t confident enough to know how to get their point across. Webinars are a great way to display this talent. Intertwining the art of disguise in your webinar will prove beneficial to you in the end. This strategy is called “influence injection.” You create webinars in hopes of pushing sales for your business and gaining popularity. But how is this done without seeming too pushy or “salesy”? The key here is disguise. Get your attendees so engrossed with learning exciting strategies in growing their own business by showing them examples of how your product or service can help them grow their business. You can show them in real time how well your product works, making every illustration exciting and easy to understand. They will be making a buying decision towards your product or service without really noticing that you are actually selling them something.

Sneak Peek

Giving a sneak peek into what your webinar will be about, will also help to attract a vast amount of people to register to attend your webinar. You can stream with periscope right before the webinar so people will be informed and attend it. Periscope allows you to do a livestream from any mobile device. Before you start your stream, you can configure an inviting and relevant title for your stream so people will be attracted to it and want to take a look at your Periscope stream. Give value during your stream and invite the viewers over to your webinar. People will get the notion that if your webinar is anything like your sneak peek videostream, then they’re in for a great treat.


Giving Back

Many people are intrigued with the idea of getting something in return for attending your webinar, registering for your webinar or even just by sharing a link to your webinar. Don’t disappoint. Be creative and give away something that matches your attendee’s interest. It can be anything from giving away an iPad during the webinar to a free private consultation from the guest speaker at your webinar. Make sure it’s something that will be worth their time and money, no one likes to waste time or money. You can offer your attendees useful tools that can help them grow their business, something that you would like for yourself that would entice you to want to attend a certain webinar conference.

So in planning your next webinar be sure to consider these strategies. Remember, being efficient and effective will help you go a long way in building your business and your clientele. Of course, there are many strategies that can be used, but these are just some of the few that are rarely talked about. Try them; you may be surprised to see how well they work.


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