New Release: WP WebinarSystem 2.10


We just released WP WebinarSystem Pro 2.10 which brings a lot of little improvements. A few of them I want to point out here, so you are also aware of these adjustments.


New webinar dashboard widget

When you login to your WordPress website you will now see a nice overview of your recent webinars. It shows the webinar title, amount of views, registrations and questions asked during your webinar.

Most of the value’s given are also clickable, so you will be redirected to the related page if you want to know more about the amount of registrations/questions, or want to edit the webinar.





1 login per email address

Remember the old days where you can login to a webinar multiply times by using the same email? We have adjusted that so only 1 person can log in at the same time. As soon as a second device is using an already logged in email address, the first device will automatically log out from the webinar.


Improved RTL support

Some sections of our plugin pages weren’t fully supported for RTL, so we have fixed that! All webinar pages and settings sections are now optimized for use with RTL languages.


Disabling theme styles

This is something we released earlier in version 2.9.2 but it’s worth mentioning here. We have added a switch on the settings page to use or disable the styles of your current theme. Some themes are conflicting on the webinarpages by overriding the styles, and by adjusting the switch to ‘off’, you can prevent this.



If you want to read the full list of adjustments in version 2.10, then read our changelog.

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Do you have any questions about this update or do you have a feature request? Just send us a message! We are available on the Live Chat and through e-mail.

Enjoy this release!




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