MP4 files, RTMP streams, iframes, ActiveCampaign and more in version 2.5!


Aw yeah, it’s here! WP WebinarSystem 2.5 will bring you lots of joy if you are waiting for some of these new functionalities.


Automated webinars on demand

WPWebinarSystem - right now timeslotNormally you would setup your automated recurring webinar on specific weekdays and times. From now on, you can configure a “right now” timeslot, which gives your attendees the possibility to watch the webinar right away instead of waiting for your pre-configured timeslots to begin.

Next to this great feature we did some tweaking on the registration form: the timeslots will show in 24h format instead of 12h, and you can decide the maximum amount of timeslots shown to your visitors.


Webinar sources

Next to the current Youtube, Hangouts on Air and Vimeo webinar sources, we have extended the sources with MP4 files, RTMP streams and iframes. This gives you more choice for your live or automated webinars and wont make you dependable on Youtube.



ActiveCampaign integration

ActiveCampaign400x200We have added an integration with mailprovider ‘ActiveCampaign’, so you can automate your marketingfunnels even more. There are more mailingprovider integrations on it’s way!


The control bar

Control bar iconsWe also expanded the control bar a little by adding a new icon. With this icon you can hide/show the incentive box in realtime to you webinar attendees.


Next to this main adjustments there are lots of little improvements and bug fixes available.
If you are one of the smartest WordPress users alive, then you already have a license and you can update instantly from within your WordPress dashboard. Don’t own a (valid) license yet? What are you waiting for?! Click here and join us by going Pro!


WPWS-webinarbot-v2-5 >> Click here to read the full changelog


If you have any feedback, suggestions or functionality you would like to see, then let us know by leaving a comment on this post.

Thanks in advance on behave of the whole team!

Lucy Eind
Founder WP WebinarSystem

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