‘Just in time’ webinar timeslots + GDPR Compliance in version 2.13

GDPR Compliance Version 2.13

We are excited to announce version 2.13, our latest release. It contains new functionalities like ‘Just in Time’ webinars and it will add GDPR compliance to your webinars if needed.


Just in time webinar timeslots

We already had automated ‘one time’ and ‘recurring’ webinar timeslots. And as of today you can also run ‘Just in Time’ webinar timeslots. So what does this means? You can choose an interval (for example every 5, 20 or 30 minutes) for your webinar to start. So your website visitors will be able to join a webinar 24/7 (or only on your preferred days), and always will be ‘just in time’ for the next webinar to start. This feature is available in the Pro version only. You can watch an example in the video below:


GDPR compliance

Since WP WebinarSystem is collecting data from your webinar attendees like the name and email (and other information you are gathering with custom fields) of your webinar visitors, we have added GDPR compliance elements to the plugin.
For each webinar you can choose if you need to activate the registration opt-in or not.

Also, your webinar attendees will be able (if you activate this option) to unsubscribe from the webinar themselves using the link to manage their profile within the webinar reminder emails.


Next to the new ‘Just in Time’ and GDPR functionalities, we also added a ‘Webinar moderator’ role, responsiveness improvements, and added a few adjustments in the automated webinar process. As always you will need to see it for yourself!

The Pro version, 2.13, is a big update, so please backup your website before updating to version 2.13.

If you are based in Europe, or expecting European webinar attendees, we strongly suggest to update to the latest WP WebinarSystem version. The GDPR compliance update is released for both the Pro and Lite version.


To support you in this GDPR transition period we are happy to offer you a 25% discount if you decide to upgrade to the Pro version or if you want to renew your license. Please use “GDPR25” as a coupon code during checkout. The discount code will be valid till May 26th, 2018.


Do you have any questions or comments about this update? We would love to hear from you! Please leave a comment below this post, or send us an email.

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