Customers: obtain your new license key today

Please read this update if you bought a license for WP WebinarSystem Pro before March 21, 2016.

There is a new update (2.5.1) for WP WebinarSystem Pro waiting for you in your WordPress dashboard. This update contains the integration of our new licensing software, so you will need to add a new license key after the update.

After the update, you will be prompt to add your license key. Your current one will not work anymore, you can find your new license key in your account on our website.

Please be aware that you won’t see the latest 2.5.1 update if your current license key isn’t activated yet on your website. You will need to update to the latest version and add your new license key if you want to receive the latest updates for the plugin in the future.


Where can I find my new license key?

WPWS-license-key-transp-sqTo obtain your new license key, go to this page and login:

If you don’t know your password anymore, then click on ‘Lost Password?’ to generate a new one.

As soon as you are logged in, you will see the new dashboard, which looks like this:



WP WebinarSystem dashboard - license key and download link

You will find your new license key on this page on the left bottom.
If you want to download the latest version of the plugin, you can find a link to it on the top of the page when clicking on ‘View Details and Downloads’.

If you bought a license key for WP WebinarSystem after March 21, 2016, then you already have the latest version and the new license key.

Where can I find my old license key and what will happen with it?

If you need your current/old license key so the update notification will show up, look up your purchase confirmation e-mail. Your current key is listed in the e-mail.
Please make sure to update as soon as possible, by the end of March your old license key won’t be valid anymore.

If for any reason you can’t automatically update to the latest version, you can download the .zip file of the plugin from our website. Deactivate and delete the plugin from your own website (don’t worry, your webinars and content will be saved), and upload the .zip file to install the latest version manually.

Do you run into problems during your license key switch? Please contact our support team so we can assist you!
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