Drip Integration & Paid Webinars Improvement in WP WebinarSystem 2.11

WP WebinarSystem Pro 2.11 is released today, and we are happy to announce that you can now integrate this webinar plugin with Drip! We also improved the process for paid webinars. In this post I will share the biggest adjustments with you.


Drip Integration

There have been a lot of customers asking for an integration with Drip, and now its here! If you want to export your attendees to Drip automatically, then all you need is an API key from Drip. After configuring the key on the settings page of WP WebinarSystem you are good to go! You can easily choose which Drip account and campaign to connect with. For a full guide on this integration, please click here to read the documentation.



Improvements for paid webinars

From now on, your website visitors who will buy a webinar ticket will be automatically added to your attendee list. Before, your customers received an unique link which they could use to register for the timeslot they preferred. We have adjusted this so your customers can select a timeslot during the purchase, and the customer credentials will be used to register them for the webinar automatically. With the unique webinar link they will receive in their email, they have access to the webinar. This will prevent confusion, and is more user friendly. Thank you to our customers for your valuable feedback on this!

Talking about user friendly, the webinar host has the possibility now to skip the paywall when he/she wants to access a paid webinar.



If you want to read the full list of adjustments in version 2.11, then read our changelog.

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Do you have any questions about this update or do you have a feature request? Just send us a message! We are available on the Live Chat and through e-mail.

Enjoy this release!



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