Automated webinar improvements in WP WebinarSystem 2.9 + price increase

Automated webinars are so fine in WP WebinarSystem 2.9! Why? Because we made some improvements which will make your automated webinar look even better.


Non clickable player

Remember the old days where your attendees could pause your automated webinar? Or could click on the Youtube logo and leave your webinar environment? Well, not anymore! From now on, you can decide if you want your attendees to pause the video or not, and they won’t be distracted and leave your webinar page because… well they can’t click on anything 😉 The good news also is, that you as a webinar host will be able to pause the player if needed, even if your attendees can’t.


wp-webinarsystem-mediaplayer-simulate-webinar-content-switchSimulate webinar

We have added a new switch which lets you ‘simulate’ your automated webinar. So when an attendee leaves your webinar, and will come back later (or refresh the page) he/she won’t have to watch the stream from the beginning. Your attendee will continu where he/she left.




Day offset for recurring webinars

Don’t want your webinars to be available today or tomorrow, but want to create scarcity even if its a recurring webinar? Then you can use the ‘day offset’ option which lets you configure the amount of days between registration and the first available webinar.


Price increase

As announced on our pricing page, there would be a price increase as soon as this version would be released. Our new prices are now introduced on our website. The Pro version is getting more ‘packed’ these days, which makes the development and testing process more time consuming. This adjustment was necessary so that we can continu to develop more exciting new features for you, and provide you with the best support possible. Through e-mail and live chat. Existing customer will be grandfathered into this new pricing, and will continue to pay the old price. When renewing your license you will still receive 30% off on this old price. The new prices are applicable for new customers starting today.


If you want to read the full list of adjustments in version 2.9, then read our changelog.


Ready to work with the Pro version, but don’t have a license yet?
–> Click here to purchase one


Do you have any questions about this update or do you have a feature request? Just send us a message! Our documentation pages will be adjusted soon, but of course we are available on the Live Chat and through e-mail.

Enjoy this release!



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