WP WebinarSystem has a new owner, and what this means for you


Hey you,
Thank you for being one of our valued users/partners of WP WebinarSystem. As some of you know, I own another company and maintain more WP plugins next to WP WebinarSystem. Although we want to develop WP WebinarSystem further, my team and I can’t seem to find the time for it, and new functions are pushed back further on the roadmap by this. This is not what we want for our customers, nor the plugin.

Mike Davies, the new owner of WP WebinarSystem

That’s why we have been looking for a new owner, who can guarantee new functionalities and continuously updates for WP WebinarSystem.

We have found a new owner in Mike Davies. A software developer and entrepreneur from the United Kingdom. He is looking forward to further develop this business to make the plugin more usable and valuable for you.

What will change during this transition?
– Nothing! You will receive support and new updates, just like you were used to. Only the updates will be more frequent than you are used to 😉
– You can still send your support and pre-sale questions to support@wpwebinarsystem.com, and you will see some new faces on support who will reply to you.
– When your current license expires, you can still renew this with a discount. When you own a lifetime license, then of course this will remain a lifetime license.

Do you have a feature request or question for Mike? Just shoot him a message! He would love to hear how you are using WP WebinarSystem at the moment and how he can help improve the plugin on short- and longterm. I already provided him all the feature requests we received from you so far.

Lucy Eind, Founder of WP WebinarSystem

At this moment, my team and I will focus on our other (Dutch) business called Boodschapjes.com. Of course I will remain active in the WordPress space with our other plugins, and we are working on a new WP side project: www.wpadopt.com.

For now, thanks again for your trust in us. It was a great joy to create this plugin and grow it to the business it is now. We learned a lot from this process and from you. I’m convinced you are in good hands with Mike. Maybe we will meet again in the future as an user of one of our other plugins and/or websites.

Yours sincerely,
Lucy Eind
Founder WP WebinarSystem





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