Private Questions

Real-time Private Questions

Let your webinar attendees ask private questions, and receive them in real-time without delay. Attendees can ask questions through the ‘question box’ or in the live chat using the ‘private’ mode.

Message Center

See all your incoming messages as a webinar host in the message center. The message center is located in the control bar and is only visible for the webinar host and other webinar moderators. The questions which are asked through the question box, and the questions which are asked in private mode during live chat, will be seen in the message center.

E-mail Private Questions to Your Inbox

If someone asks a private question during your webinar, you can configure to forward this message to your e-mail inbox. This is great when running automated webinars. Though you can’t answer the questions during the webinar, or when you are not present during a webinar, you can still can give a reply in a decent amount of time. Sweet!

Export private questions

Do you want to keep an archive of the questions asked during your webinar? Or maybe need them for later reference? You can simply export the questions as an CSV or Text file, and save the questions on your computer.

Keep Track of Leads

Keep track of who interacted during your webinar and asked questions. After (or during) the webinar you can see a log of all the private questions asked. If you want to contact an attendee who interacted with you during the webinar, just click on his/her name and your e-mail program will be opened to send the attendee an e-mail.