Automated Webinars

One Time, Automated Webinar

Want to conduct your webinar as a one time event? But won’t be able to do this live? Then conduct a one time automated webinar and the whole webinar process will run automatically (as far as you configure this). You can use automated webinar sources like Vimeo, Youtube, iframes and MP4 files.

Webinar on Demand

If you want your visitors to be able to watch your recorded webinar immediately, then you can offer a ‘right now’ time slot. As soon as they choose the “right now” time slot they will be redirected to the webinar page instead of a timer which is counting down to your live event.

Recurring Automated Webinars

You can run ‘Recurring’ webinars, by choosing the day and time occurrence. This will make the whole webinar process run automatically (24/7). Without you even being there, your webinar will run evergreen. Running a sales webinar which generates income or new clients? Now you can generate this on autopilot, even when you are asleep!